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3 quarters of Florida be covered in water in 30 yrs, all those people, where would they go? TAXES? 3 quarters of Florida be covered in water in 30 yrs, Imagine all those people, where would they go?
Will more then half of Florida be covered in water in 30 yrs, Imagine all those people, where would they go, and how much money would the government lose in property? and on top of that how much money will they lose to relocating the people....imagine Katrina times 10......that%26#039;s what will end up happening to Florida. now with the economy the way it u Think it will send America further into dept? will they do a rebuild period or build a wall around certain parts of Florida?

SO WILL THE Insurence companys will have enough money to help everyone out down there. along with red cross right, and the goverment will give all those people i south fl a place to live right???

and could it be worse then katrina?

that%26#039;s 20 feet of sea water. or wheres Miami ohhh i c all that prime real estate...

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2 months ago

iceless summer?

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Florida isn%26#039;t going to be underwater anymore than airplanes would crash at the stroke of midnight on Dec 31, 1999 because of the Y2K bug.

%26quot;Global warming%26quot; is a scam. Nothing like the these extremists views from these alarmists will ever come true. 67% 2 Votes

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  • 30 years is an exaggeration.

    That would mean over a foot rise per year, which just isn%26#039;t the case. The ocean will rise, but not as quickly as your estimate.

    Currently the ocean is rising at a rate of about .4 mm per YEAR !

    The majority of FL (where I live) is about 10 - 15 feet above sea level. So your calculations are automatically incorrect/skewed.., since ..if the ocean were to rise 15 feet, half of your estimate, the ocean would already cover over 3/4 of FL in half the time of... your estimate. 33% 1 Vote
  • why the hell would florida be covered in water? oh you are one of those people who still believe in the global warming hoax. try this, float some ice cubes in a bowl of water and measure the water level. wait for ice to melt them measure level again. see no change. 0% 0 Votes
  • WAT?? I live in Florida!! I love my state!! OMG are we hated that much?? Haha jk, Florida won%26#039;t be covered in 30 yrs, and global warming is a joke 0% 0 Votes
  • Those who live in %26#039;known%26#039; hurricane traveled areas should do so at their own peril. We, as a nation, should stop subsidizing their choice to continue living in these %26#039;disaster prone%26#039; areas. The insurance providers continue to %26#039;short%26#039; claims in these areas and ultimately rely on these disasters to raise rates on the rest of us to build up their %26#039;stock portfolio%26#039;s%26#039; to an over-estimated worth. Sound familiar?-Sub-prime lending tactics in the mortgage industry? Until your banker/insurer see%26#039;s you as a human, you are nothing more than a target to be bled of every ounce of blood. The IRS and the Federal reserve must be abolished,until then the world is a steady tap of whole blood. Blood to be funneled to the privileged few. Power in the blood. 0% 0 Votes
  • 30 years may be a very pessimistic estimate. We are not yet observing much of an increase in sea levels, because, although we are seeing glaciers pushing into the southern oceans most of the reason for this appears to be that large volumes of snow are falling on those glaciers.

    Right now, the southern oceans are providing so much water vapour, it blows onto Antarctica as snow or rain. Most of the snow that gets inland any distance will fall as snow year round, while coastal precipitation is snow only about 8 months of the year.

    Eventually more of the coastal precip will be rain, and then more of the inland precip will be rain. We can start expecting ocean levels to rise when most of the coastal precip is rain.

    That is likely to be 50 years or more, but we still need to be alert if it is happening earlier.

    Insurance companies will have lots of time to get out of the business of insuring properties at risk.

    When Florida starts to feel the effects of ocean rising, real estate likely to be flooded will gradually be evacuated, abandoned. Unlike a hurricane this process will be very evident.

    But when hurricanes do hit Florida, and they still will, There will be many on higher ground proposing that Floridians should make a decision to abandon low lying areas.

    Ontario too has an area larger than Florida that would be at risk from the same change.

    Building a dutch style sea wall, pumping system might work, but Florida does have a very long coastline compared to its area. Unlike Holland, it would have frequent hurricanes to deal with. 0% 0 Votes
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