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Ants eating people? Ok so i just watched the indiana jones movie and i saw that part where those ants ate those people, i was just wondering if those things are actually real and can someone add a link as to what they actually are?

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well there is an ant that can eat people. its african, but i forget what they call it. i think it starts with an M. they come out at night and they are blind. they are very sensitive to wind and vibrations.they travel on a mini highway they mack on the ground. the big ones sit on the edge of there road and react to any danger by bitting and warning the rest of the ants. they normaly eat chickens mice other bugs,basicly anything in there path. theres a story about some people talking outside a tent. they here there baby scream and when they come to check the baby is covered in those ants. the reason most of there prey dies is invasion of the lungs and suffucation due to being coverd in ants(since theres no room to breath). i learned this on the natinal geographic channel

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