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Can the gas company turn you off in the winter months?

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Yes, the gas company can turn you off if you do not pay your bill. Your best bet is to communicate with them, that you cannot afford to pay it - another thing to do is to contact you State Corporation Commission, they may have a law that will cover you in winter mohts.
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that%26#039;s what i thought

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  • yes they can in a lot of states unless you have some medical condition like an O2 tank or a heart condition... most times they put an identifier on your meter... so if the tech comes to turn it off he can see there are special needs.

    of course, you would have to notify your G%26amp;E company of any pertinent medical condition.

    check with you state to be sure
  • no, because......I run on protein, carbohs, vitamins, minerals, water, and eat beans and eggs and cheese.....which generate lots of GAS !!!! I don%26#039;t need no steenking gas company !!!! I AM a walking, talking gas generator !!!!
  • As others have mentioned, regions are a factor.

    For the most part yes, services can be shut off if their provision is not paid for.

    Non-payment hurts companies/corporations and in the end the cost trickles down to others who receive the services.
  • It depends. I f you are in a state where natural gas is still regulated, generally the answer is no-thugh you do need to be in touch with them to arrange payments, etc.

    In the states wehre gas has been deregulated, yes. they can cut you off and let you freeze to death. And some of them will. One more example of the right-wing%26#039;s inhumanity.
  • If they are cold hearted people, then yes.

    Then you can sue their butts off for %26#039;almost%26#039; freezing you to death.

    *cough*law suit*cough*

    But I don%26#039;t think they can. Because you need heat. Unlike an air conditioner where you can live without.
  • Depends on where you live. I%26#039;m originally from the northern midwest. They could not shut people off in the winter because it was too cold. Now I live in Las Vegas. They would shut you off here.
  • just PAY your bill then no problem
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