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Dangerous to inhale Fly %26amp; Wasp killer? I know this is probably a really stupid question, but is it dangerous to inhale fly and wasp killer? I don%26#039;t mean inhaling it directly, I mean like breathing in the fumes around you after you have sprayed it. Because I think I just sprayed to much and now I feel really ill :S. Thanks.

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It is known to cause breast cancer -repeated exposure. Generally they are oil based sprays that are very harmful to our environment and health. Even if you cover your nose and face when you spray it, it will still get on your skin and into your system. You should get rid of the stuff - it%26#039;s way worse than a wasps sting unless of course you are allergic. You should google %26quot;organic insect control%26quot; for a safer means of removing the wasps. You might want to call poison control if you are feeling really sick.
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  • Yes because these sprays contain neuro toxins that can be harmful to fatal for some people they should be used where you will not be exposed to the spray or fumes. I have shifted to using 409 spray cleaner for most bug problems, it melts ants and knocks down wasps to where you can crush then with ease. I recently had a fresh nest of wasps start coming out right over the entrance to my wash room and I would have had to go in there to get the regular wasp spray. The only thing handy was the 409 sprayer I had been using to kill ants with and the spray knocked the wasps out of the air immediately where I could stomp them with a stick. I have used several wasp and hornet sprays and have never had that good of knock down with any of them. It will also work with flies but takes much more to get them on the ground than with wasps.
  • find the can of spray and there will be a number for poison control on it. please call, even if you only breathed in a little bit. they%26#039;ll tell you what to do to stop the ill feeling. good luck!
  • Yes.

    In the directions it tell you to make sure you use it in a well ventilated area.
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