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How Can I Live Inside a Cardboard Box and Weather-seal it? If I needed to live in a box for a year or two, how would I weather-seal it so as not to go through a box every time it rains? How would I scrape up money to eat without a real job? How would I transport this big La-Z-Boy chair box around with me on a bicycle? How would I stay cool in the summer(winter will be ok as cardboard is cramped and will get hot)?

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1 week ago

I got the box from a dumpster behind the furniture store, and I cannot make big smoky fires(or little fires, just a soda can stove) or get hold of much more than a soda can stove. I will have no %26quot;epoxy resin%26quot; or whatever that stuff is.

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  • personally , if you don%26#039;t plan on actually putting any stress on the boxes and strictly use them for shelter, I%26#039;d say some kind of epoxy resin...maybe even fiberglass resin. It sinks into the cardboard then hardens which will make it rainproof, i said, if you put stress on it, the resin will crack and you%26#039;ll have a point of entry for water.
    Only other suggestion might be a water resistant treated tarp or tent. I recall the bad old tents we use to use in the early days of boy scouts. The tent material itself would get wet when it rained, but it would run down the outsides. BUT, if you touched the inside of the tent, then you%26#039;d get a leak. Such a tarp or tent over the box should due...but have to keep them separated.
    And if money is an actual issue, i suppose collecting trash plastics and melting them down in a double boiler (2 pots over a camp fire) would work to a certain degree if you liquify it then brush it on over the cardboard.
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  • Firstly add a pitched roof to stop water ponding on the top it will also help it dry. a large plastic sheet would work, look behind a supermarket food is often delivered in these large sheets. Wax is also a good waterproofer. Raise the box off the floor with a pallet as the ground will also make it wet.

    For warmth put the box in a larger box and fill it with scrunched up paper for insulation, insulate under the box as well as alot of body heat is lost through the ground.

    I hope you are only doing this for fun? Please dont say its to save the evnviroment! Bad luck if its just cos your lucks out. 0% 0 Votes
  • Grease is good at repelling water. I used mink oil to water proof cardboard. Construction sites are the best place to get material for a shelter. News paper is good at keeping you warm. Keeping your clothes damp will keep you cool. You will need a wagon for your bike because the price of scrap metal is up and every body throws it out. 0% 0 Votes
  • I agree. Saran wrap for problem #1. There%26#039;s always trashcans but standing on the street with a sign that says %26quot;training to be a Jedi Knight, may the force be with you%26quot; always seems to attract some dough. by the way, why can%26#039;t you get a real job? First of all where in the hell did you get a la-Z-boy box. Fold it? That%26#039;s what I would do. Buy a fan. Oh wait you don%26#039;t have electricity hmmmmm. 0% 0 Votes
  • Wasn%26#039;t there something about plastic sheeting and duct tape after the anthrax and terrorist links made by gvt.? Don%26#039;t worry about the family who died of suffocation because they fell for the scare tactics of our government. 0% 0 Votes
  • Ask your local homeless person 0% 0 Votes
  • spray the box with a water sealer, use a can called Camp Dry. 0% 0 Votes
  • haha your crazy. 0% 0 Votes
  • couple layers of seran rap and some gorrilla tape god damet 0% 0 Votes
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