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How do you feel about tacking %26amp; killing a wild animal that has attacked/killed a human? I am writing an Argument Essay for my College English class AGAINST tracking %26amp; killing a wild animal that has attacked/killed a human. I feel this way because wild animals attack out of fear and self-defense. If humans continue to invade their habitat, and take it away from constant economic growth, the chances of attack are greater. We need to respect the animals and their habitat and to track them down and kill them for reacting the way millions of years of evolution has programmed them to do is unnecessary, cruel, and ignorant on our part.

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Heh... don%26#039;t tell anyone but it%26#039;s sad..... cuz he%26#039;s just defending them self. so i don%26#039;t feel so right unless if i did nothing and it started then i wouldn%26#039;t feel bad about if i killed it. 50% 3 Votes

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  • I certainly agree with your feelings. My opinion is that any animal that has ended up in this situation has only done so because of a human action (such as the boys who were teasing the tiger at the SF Zoo). I feel that, if at all possible, the animal should be relocated to a habitat that is further away from humans instead of being euthanized. Unfortunately sometimes there is no choice but to %26#039;shoot to kill%26#039; if the animal is presenting an immediate and lethal threat to a human. Human life is sacred ... and while it is a heartbreaking choice - must always be protected even if the choice is to kill an animal. There%26#039;s a wonderful quote (I think it%26#039;s Henry Beeson) that I can%26#039;t remember right now but it says that %26quot;animals are other nations%26quot; .. and who are WE to destroy such? 0% 0 Votes
  • I agree with you. Animals will always wild by nature. If they feel threatened, they will attack.

    We keep building more and more houses and taking down more forest and land so they have no where to go.

    We are causing this problem and yet we are shocked when we see bears in our back yards!!

    Perfect example, I live near a state forest and about 10 years ago they started tearing down the trees to put up these gigantic houses. Well shortly after this there was a baby moose that wandered into my neighborhood. The police shot this animal 42 times!! I was so disgusted because first of all it was a baby moose and really posed no threat to anyone because he was scared and confused.

    They could have tranquilized him and moved him back into the woods, there was no need to shoot him 42 times.

    It is the same thing when people go running in the woods and are surprised when a mountain lion tries to eat them!! You don%26#039;t want to get eaten, then stay out of the damn woods!! 0% 0 Votes
  • If the animal has lost its fear of humans and is now a man killer it must be destroyed. There is no other choice to prevent it%26#039;s continued predation of humans. 0% 0 Votes
  • I say we still shoot its head off,a humans life is still more important than an animals, but you have lost track of that haven%26#039;t you being brainwashed by your liberal professors. 0% 0 Votes
  • I agree with you 100%
    Another reason is that wild animals should be left alone for the simple reason they are wild and potentially dangerous. Not just the big ones either, as I experienced a badly infected hand and arm caused by a bite from a mouse I rescued from a cat. Admire them , take pics of them from a safe distance, respect them but leave them alone to live their lives as nature intended. 33% 2 Votes
  • I draw a very sharp distinction between endangered animals and animals that are not. If a tiger has killed a person, society ought to to everything it can to capture and remove that tiger so that it cannot find another person to kill. However, if we%26#039;re talking about a pack of stray dogs, I%26#039;m all for gunning them down. There are far too many stray dogs in the world and the same goes for rats, feral cats, oppossums and so on. Friendly guy 0% 0 Votes
  • Oh, NOW you want to throw Darwin out of the picture!
    If animals can%26#039;t protect themselves from us, TOO BAD!!! 0% 0 Votes
  • Now a days if they are trapped then they are relocated or send to zoo or research institute.

    I few cases if the trapping fails then they are destroyed using sharp shooters, for the safety of the population, as specially little helpless children. Most big game will not approach a human but if they are sick or injured then they go after the slowest creachers which just happens to be us.
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