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If you had $1,000,000,00 name the things you would buy?

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6 months ago

I would buy the entire continent of austrailia if I could
  • i wouldnt buy anything yet, id put it in the bank til i found something to buy with it.
  • Cheap desert acreage, non-polluting house (my style), security system, pets, then I would experiment with a Jet Stream wind collection system for the eventual practical use of transportation in tubes.
  • 1. drugs
    2. hookers

    It%26#039;s a joke people!
  • the Mclaren F1
  • I would put it in the bank and live off the interest.
  • a house
    a car
    everything i could think of
  • fuel efficient yet stylish car, a house, and a new guitar. Give 1 million to a charity, and put the rest in the bank.
  • I would first pay off all my bills then buy necessities first, like a place to live, paid in full, automobile, etc. I would then open a homeless shelter, one for animals then one for people. Save the rest for a rainy day while I collect interest.
  • a peice of mind
  • 1 million or 1 billion?i think your missing a 0...with 1 million i%26#039;d buy an island...1 billion I%26#039;d buy google.
  • i would buy like 2 houses and make profits and become a mogul like Donald Trump :D
  • Land.
  • cars and houses.easy 2 points.
  • i%26#039;ll buy a house in london and take all my family there.
  • order the idots who post this crap to jump off a cliff
  • -A house
    -Give money to my family, parents and some friends
    -A whole bunch of guitars
    -A very nice car
    -$500,000 to

    The rest would go to investments and some to charities.
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