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Overcrowding -Causes and effects? what causes overcrowding in large cities? how does it affect us? the environment? what else does it affect? how do we solve this problem??

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People cause overcrowding in cities. It makes us stressed out. It makes more pollution in the environment. Rent and watch %26quot;An Inconvenient Truth%26quot; and that will show the effects of overpopulation and global warming. 67% 2 Votes

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  • It makes us angrier because they%26#039;re is always a %26quot;bad%26quot; driver to complain about. To the environment it probably just makes it dirtier because of more littering. It probably doesn%26#039;t affect much more, maybe it affects some animals like mice and rats cause now they have more food. We can solve this problem maybe by building more houses in suburbs with a close comute to the city. Only down side to that is that there would probably be an increase of pollution in the air due to cars driving back and forth, but hey thats what lite rails are for right? Thats what my town does at least.

    Oh and dont rent %26quot;An inconvienient Truth%26quot; its all a bunch of bull. They dont point out other facts that are as obvious as others. 0% 0 Votes
  • overcrowding in large cities is caused by the simple popularity of that city or possibly, but unlikely, the reproduction rate of those in that particular city. consequently, the city becomes a place for tourists or people just passing through, overcrowding it even farther. this causes massive pollution. for an example look to mexico city. you can barely see the actual clouds beyond the smog. this problem is theoretically impossible to solve. unless you restricted citizens by law to leave the city. a natural disaster is usual the natural solvent to this problem.

    hope this helps :) 33% 1 Vote
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