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People filling up their bathtubs with water? Even though i live in Florida and i am going through Tropical Storm Fay as i type, why dose my family fill there tubs up with water??

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In case you need water for things like flushing the toilet, cleaning or bathing. This water is not to drink with. You should first clean the tub with bleach and the put caulk around the drain. Good luck and stay safe! I live in Fl
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Thanks... Hope you stayed safe during Fay.

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  • When I was in Yemen, power outages were very frequent, making it impossible to pump water from the well to the roof tank. This made it rather difficult to flush toilets. When you have bacillary dysentery along with a multi-day power outage, you bloody-well want a supply of water to flush the toilet with.
  • The water to your home may be shut off either by the water company or if you%26#039;re on a well the pump will not run if your electricity goes off. You obviously need water for many things (drinking, eating, washing, elimination-as in urinating, etc.). Saving water in the bathtub is a really good idea.
  • maybe they want an extra emergency supply of water, because you dont know when water service will be restored after the storm.
    Of course, if there is no interruption in service, then you can drain the tub, no big deal.
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