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Waterborne Pollutant? I need to write a brief 100-word report on how a specific waterborne pollutant affected aquatic life, what the effect was, and whetherer the effect is linked to biomagnification.

any recommendations of pollutants? id like something that i can find plenty of info on. if u know of a good website to get info on the pollutant, please let me know.

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A great choice would be PCBs. There is a lot of information out there on PCB impacts in aquatic communities, including interesting information on the fact that it is persistent and can show up very far from it%26#039;s original source. It also bioaccumulates, and has been found in whales in the Arctic in alarming levels, despite the fact that the original sources are probably nowhere near the Arctic. Google %26quot;PCB%26quot;, and %26quot;PCB bioaccumulation%26quot; and you%26#039;ll find lots of info.
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thx will do

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  • Any metal like copper or lead is a waterborne pollutant. also nitrogen and phosphorus. This can create a serious problem in any water body.
  • check out %26quot;Love Canal%26quot;it was a PCB and chemical dump and how it affected the ground water happened in the 70%26#039;s
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