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What does a Environmentalist actually do? I like to help protect our earth, and when I heard about environmentalists, it kind of peaked my interests.
I wanted to know what they actually do most of the time, and what kind of courses I%26#039;d have to take in high school to become one.

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An environmentalist is not a profession, but a point of view. It describes a person who cares about the environment.

An environmental scientist is a profession in which a person studies environmental problems and figures out a way to fix them. Take chemistry and biology in high school, and look for a college with an environmental science major.
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  • Whines a lot.
  • An Environmentalist protects our envoronment from getting damaged
  • Check the education requirements for Greenpeace on thier website.
  • An environmentalist is a person on environment problems and is dedicated to protect organisms and nature from pollution
  • usually sceine subjects particulalry chemistry, and ecology helps in understanding environmental phenomenons.

    Environmental Science is a multidisciplanry field. You can choose a number of profession after that like teachin, research, can join EPA, can work as Health safety manager, Enviornmental Specialist etc. in industries as well as govt. institutions.
  • They do their best to use less harmful materials in their daily lives, and less altogether. And they don%26#039;t brag about it. That%26#039;s when they become something else.
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