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Where did I leave my mobile phone? .....and no, I can%26#039;t phone it to find out. It%26#039;s switched off.

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6 months ago

BTW people who say to you when you have lost something %26quot;Where were you when you last had it?%26quot; are morons of the highest order. If I knew that, it wouldn%26#039;t be lost, now would it ?!!!


6 months ago

.....and OF COURSE it will be in the last place I look. Once I find it, I%26#039;m not going to carry on looking, am I??

(sometimes I wonder about humanity, I really do.....)

6 months ago

Found it.

Some Polish guy tried to sell it to me in the street......

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Nope, don%26#039;t know, don%26#039;t care.

Don%26#039;t much like your superior attitude either.

Any chance of you losing that sometime soon?
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Live with it

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  • the best thing you can do is trace your steps from the last time you saw it. And I would try to call it anyway. If I found someones cell and it was switched off, I would turn it on to see if there was a number that said %26quot;home%26quot; so I could return it. If not I would leave it on to see if they called looking for it. It won;t hurt to try. But tracing your steps last night is probably your best bet.
    Oh and go on-line and check and see if anyone is making calls with it. If they are have your cell company turn it off so your bill does not rack up!
  • I%26#039;ve got it !........why thumbs down me? a dumb question deserves a dumb answer!....shmuck!
  • You can try calling your cell-phone provider, and ask if they can tell you where it was located when it was last turned on. This might remind you where you were when you last had it. If not, then don%26#039;t forget to ask them to block it, or you will be responsible for the bill.

    Just a reminder for EVERYONE:- Put a PIN number on your phone, AND on the SIM card, so it cannot easily be used if lost or stolen. If ALL phones were protected like this, the stolen phone market would be MUCH smaller.
  • Just buy a new one.
  • it will be in the last place you look when you find it lol
  • Don%26#039;t know but you are a twat for loosing it
  • i just sold it for £30
  • It%26#039;s in your kitchen
  • i saw this guy pick it up , you left it on the bus when you picked up your crutches
  • It%26#039;s down the side of your bed or in your couch.
  • hey man, try using ur brain. HOW THE HELL ARE WE SAPOSED TO NO
  • in the cloakroom
  • think about where you were in the last few hours..days...weeks ...then trace coat? car? shelf? just think about it in steps.
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