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Which wastes more water...shower or bath?

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1 month ago

A longish shower vs bath...which is better? Or are they equivalent?? Say a 20 minute shower?

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Typically a bath, I have proven not always though, by giving my kids %26quot;Shubbies%26quot; in the winter instead of tubbies, by doing exactly what someone else has suggested. While running around with another 3 kids, the tub can fill up faster than you plan.

HOWEVER! If you want to really not waste water, don%26#039;t just run a shower, but also install a %26quot;gray-water%26quot; tank, (and some-sort of a solar charged pump preferably) to either water your lawn, or fill your toilets with the water that drains from your shower. (That way you also wouldn%26#039;t have to worry as much about wasting the water from your bath if you rather take one of them instead.)
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well i%26#039;ll be sticking to showers, i was just curious, as for gray water tank, maybe one day... atm we do it the budget way--buckets in the shower to to collect excess water and then throw it in the garden :]

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  • A bath tub full of water
    .. . ..
    Want to see how much water we or you use when taking a shower
    .. . ..
    Pull the tub stopper closed if you are in a bathtub if in a shower stall you will not be able to do this unless it has a good side height that alowes you to
    .. . .
    And see how much water fills up till you are done
    ... . ...
    I have done it on numerous times and was shocked at how little water I used while taking a shower
    .. . ..
    I can regulate the water pressure to make the shower last for 5 minutes with only 3 inches of water at my feet
    .. . ..
  • depends what you mean by %26quot;waste%26quot; ?

    After a bath my bath water is all dirty, hence it is hardly wasted.
    If half of it was still clean then one could say that half was wasted, not so?
  • The long shower will waste more water if the water in the bath is reused, for like watering the grass or for cleaning the floor et cetera.
  • Bath, because you can take a quick shower and vary the amount of water that comes out... :)
  • Well, when I take a bath I have to take a shower after, because you are soaking in dirty water. lol
  • shower~
  • Bath

  • Bath=)
  • bath
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