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Why do dept stores throw everything away? Why do department stores throw perfectly good merchandise in the trash instead of donating it?
  • if you want the merchandise, why don%26#039;t you say. %26quot;Excuse me miss, but if you%26#039;re just going to throw that away, then can I have it?%26quot;
  • Not only department stores, grocery stores, drug stores and most profit making businesses. It is a tax write-off to dispose of obsolesce items. It cost money, time and labor to warehouse or keep in inventory items that are considered slow movers or just plain obsolete. A lot of times the items look perfectly normal and usable, but it is the bottom line that counts. A question most businesses must ask is, %26quot;Is it less expensive to keep or write-off.%26quot; Most times it is the latter. Sometimes donating is not an option, if you have a trademark item, the donated item could get in the wrong hands and not used properly, there goes your company%26#039;s stellar reputation or worst a law suit. This could go for food, drugs, toys, clothes etc. So you see it is not always black and white and businesses are not always doing things out of greed.
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