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Why is the environment important? Should we care for it? I was just wondering....with all that fuss about the environment and being water-wise and waste-wise and all that...whats the whole point? Why is the environment so important anyway? And what do all those environmentalists mean for us to do when they tell us to look after it?

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I%26#039;m assuming you have a house/apartment/some kind of home? Imagine that it has been ravaged by fire/earthquake/flood or some other disaster...

The same goes for the environment. Believe it or not, the environment is our HOME. Without Earth, everything you know (including yourself and myself) would be GONE.

The whole point is to take care of our home. We%26#039;ve been slowly but surely destroying our home and we really need to get our act together and start being environmentally aware. This isn%26#039;t just one man%26#039;s (or woman%26#039;s) job. This is what we all should care about.

Unless you don%26#039;t care about your life.

Should we care for it? Heck yes! You should start by biking more, walking if you don%26#039;t have a bike, reusing, recycling, and avoiding buying unnecessary things. Take care to change your lifestyle, because without this environment, there wouldn%26#039;t be a lifestyle to live.

I hope I%26#039;ve enlightened you in someway. :) me
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Thank yooooou!! And yes, you have enlightened me tremendously!! Greatly appreciated xD.


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  • The environment is where we exist. and it getting to be overcrowded with us humans, so we have to maintain our environment more carefully, or suffer the consequences, very much like a large family in a small and over crowded apartment.
  • I don%26#039;t know if you%26#039;re trolling here, but just in case you%26#039;re serious:

    we depend on the environment to live. For example, it produces oxygen for us to breathe and natural resources such as oil and coal. If we run out of these things, we%26#039;re screwed.
  • if you need to ask you are to dumb to understand the answer
  • You be good to the environment, the environment will be good to you.

    Meaning, you need the environment to live. No trees equals pollution and smog = bad health for you.

    Trust me, it%26#039;s important. If we kill all the plants, there will be a long line of things dieing off, including us.

    If we take care of the environment, we get the positives like nice scenery and just pleasant to be outside. Which is important for our generation. Too many %26#039;big%26#039; people that don%26#039;t go outside.
  • Are you completely stupid? Fine go live in a burning trash can flooded with acid water starving!!
  • The point is that the environment is our home. It%26#039;s not just some thing that is separate from us; we are a part of it.

    We need it for survival, and that is why it%26#039;s so important.

    When you breathe in, you%26#039;re breathing air from the environment. When you eat a piece of bread, you%26#039;re eating grains grown in the environment. When you drink a glass of water, you%26#039;re drinking water from the environment.

    When people say we should look after it, it just means that we should make an effort to do things that harm it the least. Reducing our negative impact on the environment gives us a healthier and better place to live.

    Looking after it doesn%26#039;t have to mean we should go live in a grass hut in the woods somewhere, it just means that in our everyday lives we need to be conscious with our choices. Throw the bottle into the recycling bin instead of the trash. Turn your computer off when you%26#039;re done using it. Buy the environmentally friendly soap instead of the toxic one.

    Everything we do impacts something or someone else, so it%26#039;s important that we acknowledge that and act accordingly.
  • We only have one Earth and we need to take care of it. Alot of the things we do to pollute the environment end up hurting us. Why do you think the cancer rate is so high? If we keep up the way we%26#039;re going the ocean will be so polluted nothing can live in it. We already have lakes and rivers like that. Keep polluting the land and nothing will grow and we will all starve. We are very dependent on the environment, without it we will become extinct.
  • See.... environment fulfils our needs and is our basic life support system.... don%26#039;t just destroy it like that. Save it !!
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