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Why is this robin trying to fly into my sliding glass door? It does it continually and comes back every day. Is there anything I can do to make it stop? I don%26#039;t want it to be hurt any more than it probably is.

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robins are territorial and if it has a nest near by even more so,and yes it sees its reflection in the glass and is protecting its mate and territory from another(his reflection)Cheap dollar store flower stickons or anything that will distract him from seeing his reflection will help we place up wind chimes and the twirly plastic strips and that seemed to help
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My mother called a friend who is a bird expert who said the same things about my robin.

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  • In this city%26#039;s main nature sanctuary, there are large predatory bird cling silouhettes all over the windows to keep other birds from flying into the glass panels. Sometimes the birds don%26#039;t see the glass - think they are flying in the open outdoors. Other times, they may see a reflection of something that is attractive which might be the case with your friendly robin.

    Good luck figuring out what the attraction is and getting the robin to move on............
  • I have a Chaffinch that doe%26#039;s the same. Took me weeks of watching him to work it out, and I think I have sussed it. He is trying to find somewhere to land so he can get at some insects that are under my eaves. I noticed 2 wrens on the eaves doing this,they are tiny and can hang on to such a thin strip of wood and he cant. I put worms on the window sill for him to try and help him out, but he hasn%26#039;t found them yet.The blackbirds have so there goes that idea to stop him.
  • The robin probably has a nest near by and thinks that his/her reflection is another bird. At my parent%26#039;s house, there is a robin that attacks my dad%26#039;s truck on a regular basis. My dad had to find a new parking spot. Try putting some window clings on it or something or even a curtain to minimize the reflection. I%26#039;m really not sure how you can keep the robin from seeing himself. Goodluck!
  • Put a color plastic on the door so it could see. all of the birds think there is nothing there because its clear so add color
  • Get a stick on picture of an Owl. That should help.
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