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10 occupations getting raw material from forest and wildlife?

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Here%26#039;s the cool thing on looking at this question -- you can take one square mile of Washington State forest and give examples of ten professions this would impact. They include:
*Park ranger
*DNR manager
*BLM director
*University researcher
*Smoke jumper (I know...bit of a reach)

All of these are %26quot;eco-friendly%26quot; and viable careers. They don%26#039;t view or treat the environment as a %26quot;raw resource%26quot;, but rather touch the value of what is there for it%26#039;s own sake. 80% 4 Votes

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  • 1) miners
    2) loggers
    3) rubber tree farmers
    4) fur trappers
    5) black market hunters (not recommended)
    6) silk worm farmers
    7) mink farmers (used for mink oil and fur)
    8) deer farmers (used for venison especially in New Zealand)
    9) Hunting guides (help others get raw material)
    10) oil well drillers 0% 0 Votes
  • Lumberjack
    Pharmacist 0% 0 Votes
  • Get a life
    and you should not be in Environment
    this is what is destroying Nature
    utilizing animals and flora for raw materials

    the only good resource for the Environment is Eco tourism which protects Nature and makes money from it in a sustainable way

    That and for obtaining source material to cultivate medicinal plants 0% 0 Votes
  • -paper n pulp industry
    silk frm sericulture
    honey frm honeycomba n their breeding
    tanning industry
    leather industry
    earthen pots
    miinning-coal,iron etc
    aurvedic medicines
    oyesters- for pearls 0% 0 Votes
  • 1wood cutter
    4mushroom pickers.
    8bird catchers
    9 fur traders
    10game hunters 20% 1 Vote
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