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A question on Tigers, do they have striped skin as well as fur ???
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    • no tigers only as striped skin...
    • no
    • All felines have skin patterns matching their fur pattern
    • to answer your question no, their skin though is slightly stained though to were you would see slight color variations inline to what their fur would show.
    • yes this has been asked a hundred times before
      when you shave a tigers fur ,the stripes continue on the skin.
    • No hair contains keratin a hormone.It is becuz of it u have different color fur and also becuz of their genes u find it tht they have tht color fur 4 dey r mammals they inherit their parentz genes, so tehy have stripes some tigers have a lighter shade of fur than others .Its just like human being s all of them have white skin but different color hair some blond,brunnete,black etc...............
    • yes it%26#039;s in their DNA \o/
    • a good way to find out for yourself would be to go to a zoo armed with a razor, shave off a bit of fur and see what is underneath.
    • YES THEY DO!!
    • probably my dogs skin markings are the same as her coat
    • If housecats can be used as a proxy, then the answer is no.
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