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ANIMAL EXTINCTION: how will this affect human? At one look, extinction of the now endangered animals will hardly affect us
How bad would it reflect on the %26#039;humane-ness%26#039; of our humanity?
Leaving innocent natural beings off the face of the Earth without even trying to save them

Dont get me wrong
I write %26#039;without even trying%26#039; because what we%26#039;ve done so far is hardly significant; most of the society hardly participate or even care about it
Its only in the name, but hardly more than that
(this is what i see in my country, i%26#039;d love if u can show the positive stories in yours)
Again, how badly would it reflect on our humanity?

Well no planet outside there will criticise us for the extinct animals
BUT imagine
50 years from now the tiger will hve been extinct
and your grandson asks u %26#039;grandpa why is the tiger gone?%26#039;
how would u reply to that?
wouldnt you feel guilty about it?
this is already the case on the dodo bird and many

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Extinction is the natural result of habitat loss or change. Some of it is inevitable and has been going on since the world began. The human race however has made profound changes on the planet. There used to be lions in Europe. There used to be passenger pigeons in North America. Some of it was inevitable and some of it was stupid and unnecessary. All we can do is try to preserve some remnant of the wonderful biodiversity of our planet, but it would be very difficult to curtail human encroachment on habitats without curtailing the human race itself.
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  • as for some, they do their best not to let it happen, because the consequence will be for our grand children to suffer, what they would only see were pictures or videos... and little as we know, more than a hundred species of flora and faunas are going to their extinction every year, and most were not seen by humans, or even given a name.. some animals, if they will be extinct, will have a great effect on us and of the natural biodiversity.
  • I have no issue with trying to portect endangered species. Especially those that are hunted by man. However, hundreds of thousands of species of animals, plants and insects have been going extinct since life started on Earth. Some things are not in our control! The earth has its own agenda.
  • It won%26#039;t affect humans at all.

    Species going extinct is part of the evolution and growth and change of planet earth. The dinosaurs and others prove this.

    I really don%26#039;t care about any animal going extinct as it%26#039;s part of nature and the grand scheme of things.
  • 99.9% of all living things on earth are not living today! Things are here for some time and then all we know is they left some parts around. But for us right now, it is like a canery in a mine. Better watch out iff it moves the wrong way because you may be next. That is why I founded
  • Then it%26#039;s a bad thing I guess. I don%26#039;t want any animal to be extinct because every unique animal is special.
  • What makes you think animals will become extinct first?
  • why should we feel responsible for tiger extinction?
  • You seem very smart. Wow!
  • it will afuck us !
  • Depending on the species it most likely will not affect us that much. Keep in mind that millions of species have gone extinct before the human race was even on this planet to begin with. More then that, everyday about 25 species are thought to go extinct, and most by factors not created by humans. It is the natural cycle of life and evolution on this planet. Now sure, the human race should help and try to keep animals such as polar bears and whales from going extinct, but we have almost directly caused them to, in that sense I support conservation.
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