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Animals that produce round poop...yes this is conservation!? Hello I just answered a question in zoology, about %26quot;why is goat poop round?%26quot;

From all the smarty answers the asker recieved, I realized it was actually an important answer, and people need to be better educated, so they can make better choices for their dinner table!

Goats, rabbits, sheep, alpacas, llamas, deer, elk, ect all produce round poop. All of these animals are highly efficient at squeezing all the moisture out of their food, for most of their water intake needs. This squeezing effect produces the round poop.

Round manures are %26quot;cold%26quot; manures and can be applied directly to gardens with no harm to the delicate new plants.

Animals like horses, cows, pigs %26amp; chickens must have their poop composted for a year or TWO or it will burn the plants.

Round poop animals are much more efficient at extracting the nutrition from their feed.

So to be more earth friendly, would you concider eating more goat, sheep, and rabbits?

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10 months ago

A link to the question in Zoology for those who were interested:

10 months ago

Goat has LESS fat than SKINLESS BREAST OF CHICKEN! Are you sure you ate goat, and not lamb? Of was it cooked in a ton of bacon fat, like many people do?

The obvious answer is, if the animals like goats, sheep and rabbits are being raised for our meat needs, that means fewer cows, pigs and chickens will be produced.

More earth friendly manures from the round poop animals, and less from the ones that are not so earth friendly.

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Er, no. All meat takes more energy to produce than vegetables chicken takes twice as much energy, beef takes seven, and the rest are inbetween.

Switching to a vegan diet is better for the environment than switching from a SUV/light truck to a hybrid.

Yes, I know, first we%26#039;re taking away your cars, now we%26#039;re taking away your food. Where will this conspiracy to undermine the American way of life end?

Just thought I%26#039;d save someone else posting it. 57% 4 Votes

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  • it the %26quot;shape%26quot; of the poop or the fact that it is uniformly formed? B/c horse poop from a properly fed horse looks like large brown Darvocets...uniform shape/consistency.

    I know it is too hot for the garden the first year out, but the following season, it%26#039;s great fertilizer. 14% 1 Vote
  • Goat is a bit greasy, but I like the taste. Rabbit is similar to chicken, mutton (sheep) is good if you cook it correctly. I wouldn%26#039;t mind eating more of it, but that doesn%26#039;t help with being earth friendly--how can they poop if they%26#039;re dead? I don%26#039;t have a place to raise these animals for manure production, but if I ever do, I will raise a few rabbits for my own garden. 29% 2 Votes
  • I agree about fowls , chicken , turkey not using for fertilizer. Due the amonia inside the droppings gives it the potent burning effect on plant roots. I%26#039;ve used fresh cow, horse, rabbit droppings on my gardens and it produces fabulous plants. I guess horses, cows and rabbits don%26#039;t have as much ammonia in them. Gardening info. 0% 0 Votes
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