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Can I use a car battery to shock my pond, I want to see what%26#039;s all in it?
  • If you want to see whats in it you should put a pair of fins on and a mask and dive in to look around.. But, no.... Go shock your pond you coward! You%26#039;re to afraid to do the other..
  • No you can%26#039;t.
    Thats a pretty destructive way to see what%26#039;s in your pond. Things would die and then you would have no more life in your pond and that would be really boring. Everything in the pond looks much more interesting when it%26#039;s alive anyway.
    Consider snorkeling in your pond instead! Then you could really see more interesting stuff.
    Or get some food and throw little bits in there, or a crab cage or something.
  • thats funny.... i like that idea
  • Not a very good idea! Besides killing whatever in the pond there%26#039;s also the possibility that you will severely shock yourself and the very real possibility that the car battery will short out and explode because of the hydrogen in the battery. A gas explosion could do a lot of damage to you and possibly start a fire a well
  • unless your pond is only a big as your bathtub i%26#039;d say NO.. also just out of sheer principal, you realize by shocking it you are going to kill probably ANY and EVERY living creature in there right?
    this is an environment category.. not %26quot;how to kill the environment%26quot;.
    how big is this pond? is it big enough to snorkle or scuba? you can get an idea AND have fun doing it.
  • Yes you can use your car battery to shock your pond, but you are doing illegal, bad, wrong, mistake, negative, etc. No sane person concerned with the invironment will do that.
  • Why don%26#039;t U use TNT. Really take a chance on getting yourself or someone else hurt... Stick with toys leave technology alone till U grow up.
    Honestly done incorrectly what you are proposing could get you hurt.
  • not a good idea..............
  • Only if you want to kill everything that%26#039;s in it.... I would recommend taking the electrodes and placing one in each hand to adjust the voltage. When you wake up, take a long look at what you%26#039;re attempting on doing to those fish....
  • Just borrow a fish finder and a little raft and float around to see if theres anything moving. 12-14 volts DC wont even tickle your pickle and you dont want to kill stuff anyways. Heck put a worm on a hook and bobber and see if you get a bite from any fish, just dont over fish it if its a small pond.
  • No you cannot!
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