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How do animals mark their territory, and which are some of the ways in which it%26#039;s done, and for what reasons? Which animals are fond of marking their territory. What exactly do they apply onto their territory, to indicate or signal to other animals to keep off, etc?
Please, mention both wild and domestic mammals, etc.
What if the host animal territory marker%26#039;s deed was disobeyed, what would then happen?
Is territory marking only done by males, or what?

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Well, dogs and cats, both wild and domestic spray urine to mark their territory.
Bears claw trees as high as they can reach. That shows other bears how big/tall they are. If another bear cant reach that high. he knows to walk softly in that area.

Women on the other hand, place their scent on their territory, and claw the offenders eyes out (or their hair) if another tries to enter their territory. LOL 50% 5 Votes

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  • dogs /wolves will urinate to mark their territory to ward off other wolves dog this is a food territory thing,bears will scar trees on there territory in some cases bear territories will overlap because of the huge size ,they may also not be in parts of there territory for a year or two,if territory is violated and the dominant animal confronts the less dominant animal the lesser would submit and leave if not then a fight for the territory would take place winner takes all food and females 0% 0 Votes
  • Most all animals mark their territory. They do this to entice mates, ward of others by establishing dominance,.
    If ignored there might be a fight or if the two met the less would give way as not to be injured.
    The markings are urine, feces, and scent glands. The males mark the case of deer the doe will leave her scent (urine) to let the dominate buck know that she is ready to be bred. 30% 3 Votes
  • Not all the marking of territory is done by scratches and smells ,sounds are also part of the same concept.

    Bears scratch and rub themselves against trees ,

    to mark their territory to warn other males to stay away ,or to attract females,

    These are the main reasons why
    animals leave signs of their existence ,

    Deer and Antelopes also mark trees with marks or by rubbing them selves on the barks of the trees and of course dung plays a big role it tells animals, the sex and age of the others

    The big cats like lions spray, (and the little ones)

    So do dogs ,Rats,Coyotes,Foxes ,Wolves etc.

    Insects leave pheromones to give messages territorial ,location of food and for sex.

    In principle it is only the males who do the marking.

    Those who do not heed the warnings are attacked if male is of the same species.

    The females of course are more than welcome.

    Fish use body coloring and also smells they release in the water

    Birds use sounds
    same reasons,to mark territory or attract females
    but in this case the female usually does the calling and the male responds ,the same as with frogs ,toads

    Lizards use coloring.

    Apart from using Urine specifically to mark with ,dung plays a very large role in providing information ,that is why cats bury their excrement ,to stay anonymous. 20% 2 Votes
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