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How do we protect the endangered national animal?

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Our national animal tiger is in a great threat of being extinct %26amp; is now in endangered list.
Its due to ruthless killing of tigers that had really marginalized their population now.
There are many reasons of their extinctions like decrease of forest cover;killing of tigers for their bones,skin.nails.etc...,killing by the local population due to their attack on local population,lack of food in jungle due to hunting of other animals also %26amp; decrease in forest cover.
So now as a national priority govt had set up an task force to protect the depreciating population of tigers.Its headed by the PM. Its worthy to note that more than 60% of the tiger population is destroyed by human interference after independence%26amp; now their nos is around 1500.
In this process govt is needed to establish tiger reserves where their population is still quiet considerable.
Govt needs to relocate the local tribal population from these reserves to out side these reserves %26amp; make them a part of the protect tiger campaign %26amp; make them the importance %26amp; significance of tiger population in the nature %26amp; than increase their income from sources like tourism rather than tiger hunting which will be a rather a sustainable model.
There needs to be consciousness effort from the the govt %26amp; citizens to educate that there is no relevance of tiger body parts in any form of medicine %26amp; in turn going to affect the ecology largely.
The govt can also set up tiger breeding centers so that he population should be raised %26amp; made considerable.
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  • Create awarness of it, posters, leaflets, flyers. Educating people or school kids, depends what and where this animal is tbh.
  • Which nation? Which animal?
  • Eat them. If people ate them then someone would start farm raising them and then they would no longer be endangered.
  • um... idk what the animal is
  • Which is?
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