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How much energy does a treadmill and/or stationary bike create? If you could hook them up to out put the energy they create from a person exercizing on them, do you think they could power a gym?

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3 weeks ago

What if there were 10 bikes, 20 treadmills, and 10 elipticals? At peak time for a gym (all the machines running) could it work?
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  • Its more of a matter of how hard the exerciser can work.

    Lets say a guy can power a 75 watt lightbulb. 10 working that hard can power 10 light bulbs. No where close to what a gym would need.

    Most gyms are also air conditioned, which uses in excess of 1,000 watts for some and 20,000 for others. Its better to have self powered machines to cut the ammount of juice used by the gym. The gym i go to has self powered treadmills, ellipticals and Bikes. That saves an unknown ammount of juice. Yet they are a/c%26#039;ed and have tvs going... its just impractical to try and power a gym with just the users.
  • well when i am doing the hand bike, with out using my feet, it says i produce about 70 watts. so its enuff to power a 70 watt light bulb.
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