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In what whys does wildlife extinction impact our world?

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that is basic ecology that should have been handled at secondary school level.

insects polinate ,squirrels plant trees ,elephants clear for new growth as do wild board,the sugar wastes of insects are part of soil production
birds eat insects and keep plagues from forming .
Animals fertilized the soils ,grazers trim excess growth ,all of the life in Nature depends on other life forms and nothing can either live in isolation or with out any of the existing factors

e.g.take away the mosquitos and all of the life in the woods will disapear eventually because the food chain has been broken,

Take away all of the life in the forrest and over time the forrest will go out of ontrol become just a few agressive specie and the soil would become contaminated from the mono culture effects and in the end the forest would die

a rain Forrest is called a rain Forrest because it produces its own rain the precipitation is so much ,and the surrounding country contains the clouds ,so the water moves up and down usually daily ,they are the wettest types of Forrest%26#039;s,

the Forrest below Victoria fall is also called rainforest%26#039;s%26#039;s but it get its continual water from the spray of the water falls ,

rainforest%26#039;s are mostly in the humid tropics.And the flora and fauna is typical

Other forests also produce a lot rain ,but the clouds tend to move elsewhere and they are a little bit dryer, because of that an subsequently have different flora and fauna.

also forests can be found at all over the world not only in the tropics


PLANTS require carbon dioxide and release oxigen.

in the autemn there is an excess of carbon released because of the dead organic material ,the seas and waters when cool absorb this,

in the spring when the new growth requires carbon the warmer waters release it ,

so in con junction with the seas and rivers the colective flora on this planet maintains a balanced atmosphere for us to breathe.

now with the mass deforrestation,coupled to the increase in carbon emissions,industrial chimneys,aerosol cans,motor cars,burning of plastics and tires to name but a few

,the carbon production by far exeeds what the bio-sphere and the waters can handle,

and so effect into global warming and the destruction of the ozone layers,

the forrests make most of the water that we can drink or use for plant growth(sweet water)

some is condensed from the sea but that reaches only the coastel areas .

the bulk ,comes from the forests ,
the rivers come from the rainfall which comes from the trees ,or because of exess water released by the trees via their roots ,This keeps the rivers flowing all year round ,and feeds subtereanean waters .

If we kill all the trees,we kill the rivers .we kill the rain. we kill us.
the trees also absorb the heat in the day and heat up the place in the night ,so they keep the temperature confortable to live in.

these are some of the reasons why trees are important.

so plant a tree every week,and help us save the world

Nature has experimented for millions of years and left us with sustainable ecosystems that are autosuficient ,and our existance depends on the health of those systems,

to mess with the wild life means messing with the habitat ,or to take away the habitat .means destroying the wild life

these are indisputable facts of life on Earth Lester E Brown is the director and founder of the global institute of Environment in the United states .he has compiled a report based on all the satalite information available from NASA,and all the information that has
come from Universities and American embassies WORLD WIDE ,
his little book--a planet under stress , Plan B has been trans lated into 50 languages and won the best book award in 2003

i am a Permaculture Consultant for the department of Ecology for the regional government in Guerrero Mexico
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That was a great answer to my question. Thanks for your help.

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  • Every time something becomes extinct then the thing that would usually eat it has to rely on other food sources so slowly it diminishes. If a type of bird went extinct then all of the things that ate that bird would need a new food source and some of them will starve and die out. All of the things that the bird used to eat will in term become more populated and grow to a higher level. Basically all it does is upsets the balance of the ecosystem, which depending on the species may or may not affect us.
  • Well besides the aforementioned chain reaction that can result in the collapse of entire eco-systems, I%26#039;ll mention consequences that are detrimental to humans, because judging by the way you phrased the question that%26#039;s what you really care about. As we lose entire species, and suffer reductions in bio-diversity, we will begin to see effects on our food production. One of the biggest problems related to this is the disapearance of bee colonies, domesticated and wild, and we don%26#039;t know why it is happening. Bee%26#039;s polinate farmer%26#039;s crops across the country, and without them, the food supply crashes.
    We%26#039;re also likely losing potential cures to various diseases as dozens of planet species go extinct in the Amazon every month due to clear-cutting and over-logging.
  • it is a matter of a dying breed of life we are not meant to live without the animal nation. in a sence when they die out ,we die out, as is seen today. we were meant to be caretakers of them but we are failing in our work. our world from the begining of time has alway had animals i cannot imagine a world without them. if they are extinct. so are we.
  • It makes it a little sadder.
  • Because they are all part of a chain and if a link is broken it can mess things up and if too many links are broken then poof there goes all the animals. also God put animals on the earth and it is are job to protect them as best as we can. really we are here for them and they are here for us its the circle of life sort of
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