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Is it illegal to pick cat tails??

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It will depend on the area where you live. Contact your state wildlife agency or nature conservancy and the will be able to help you.
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alot of varied answers...i think i should do as u say to be sure...thanks!

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  • nope dont worry
  • Only if it comes from real cats. I don%26#039;t know what their purpose is, but I%26#039;d like to know. (I do know they hurt if you are whipped with them)
  • Not unless you%26#039;re on a protected wilderness preserve.
  • Is it illegal to pick cat noses???
  • I%26#039;m sure you mean the plant. As far as I know, it%26#039;s like picking a flower. As long as its not on someone%26#039;s property, you should be fine.
  • not that i know of they were fun when we were kids we would pick off a spot and the rest would fly into the air when we blowed them.
  • no, but it is very horrible
  • pick cats tails? i dont know iv never heard of such. i pick at my dogs tail all the time but i dont hurt him lol
  • no!
  • The sea oats along the beach borders are illegal to pick along the Atlantic coastlines,is all I am familiar with.This helps with land erosian I think..,and protection from high waters.
  • First off it depends on where you%26#039;re picking them from. Flora and fauna is typically protected in preserves and state or federal parkland.

    But that aside, what are you using them for? If you%26#039;re eating the cattail, make sure the water source is pure. If it%26#039;s ornamental, no problem there, but in any case this time of year watch for nests; some birds build them right into the cattails.
  • no
  • If your in a state or federal land, it is illegal to pick any plant.
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