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Slogan on hazards of plastic bag?

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Here%26#039;s a few that might help:

*Stop bagging the planet -- say NO to plastic bags.

*Paper rules, plastic is old school

*You never hear of paper bags helping OPEC 43% 3 Votes

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  • No plastic it%26#039;s majestic.

    Don%26#039;t laminate the earth it is dangerous.

    Man made things dangerous, God made things safe to environment.

    Plastic is last. 0% 0 Votes
  • Plastic bags - used by nasty wo/men 0% 0 Votes
  • 1.Say no to Plastic, let this planet alive
    2. Bring plastic bags, get the money
    this is useful when u want to recycle
    3.Reduce, Reuse, Reycle 0% 0 Votes
  • not a toy, keep out of reach of children

    plastics - reuse as often as possible - not biodegradable 29% 2 Votes
  • not using plastic will lead to more cutting of trees for packaging. 0% 0 Votes
  • don%26#039;t have one but KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN AND PETS! Reuse platic bags alot 0% 0 Votes
  • %26quot;chhodo chhodo plastic bag,lao lao paper bag.%26quot;Hope u like it coz its better to give slogan in our own language. 0% 0 Votes
  • These plastic bags will soon be replaced by biodegradable, compostable bioplastics.
    They are made from plant matter and are coming soon. A relatively new industry, but can be made on existing plastic machinery.
    A company called Metabolix, in a joint venture with Archer Daniels Midland, an agrabusiness giant, are building their first factory in Iowa. Finished products will be made by other manufacturers. This plastic has all kinds of uses and can replace most petroleum based plastics. Toyota is using bioplastics in cars.

    There are some other companies making bioplastics also. 0% 0 Votes
  • say no to environment
    say goodbye to will welcome you 0% 0 Votes
  • How about this...............
    %26#039;use plastic bags........ u will become nasty as a rag ?%26#039;
    or maybe this %26#039;never use plastic bags............instead use paper sacks%26#039; 14% 1 Vote
  • don%26#039;t use plastic its not fantastic
    be a super saver and swith to paper 14% 1 Vote

    Keep out! Broken hearts can be mended! Damaged hearts cant!!!

    howzzat??? ;)
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