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What does it mean when someone calls you fruity? it%26#039;s just that I have never heard of it before lol is it good or bad or just means nothing? thanks! :-)

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It depends on the person. Sometimes it can mean the equivalent of %26quot;gay%26quot; and sometime it just means %26quot;loopy%26quot; or %26quot;crazy.%26quot; In our society, I%26#039;m guessing people mean the former unfortunately. English major
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  • I think they just have very bad name calling skills.
  • It means that you are full of ideas but not serious about any of them.
  • Gay.
  • Fruity... Flaming... Effeminate

    All ways of saying %26quot;having gay tendancies%26quot;. If a guy walks into a room limpwristed humming along to %26quot;Can you feel the love tonight%26quot; by Elton John, that would be considered fruity.
  • its an English way of saying your gay
  • it%26#039;s just another name for gay !
  • It means you%26#039;re from California... know, the land of fruits and nuts.
  • When someone uses %26quot;Fruity%26quot; as a name calling term that means they are calling you crazy or looney. says - 4. Slang. insane; crazy.
    it also says, which I take offense to - 5. Offensive Slang Homosexual.
  • lol well it can mean many different things, sometimes it can mean gay and sometimes it just means your clowny or dorky. I call my friends that all the time! lol

  • a bit kinky give us a bite of your peach
  • lol Everytime I hear someone call another person that it means gay or homosexual.
  • I have heard fruity when they are calling someone gay or i have also heard when they think someone is dumb.
  • It means gay
  • well it can mean gay or just kinda flakey or stupid.
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