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What kind of plastic are CD jewel cases made of?

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Acrylic- This is why they break so easy- Some of the later jewel cases were made of polycarbonate for that very reason. Worked in the industry.
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  • Polycarbonate or if you will a polymer of estrogen.
    The estrogen should be fairly well stabilized and not leach out into your hands unless you have oil on your hands, or the polycarbonate has been subject to high temperature or sunlight.

    In landfill polycarbonate will break down to release estrogen into ground waters, so that we should expect girls to reach puberty and menopause earlier, and all of us should expect to see cancers grow more rapidly, because that estrogen will act as an angiogenesis agent. That is, it causes blood supplies to grow quickly to feed a cancer.

    Wierd as it may seem, polycarbonate has been used to make baby drinking bottles.
  • they are made of resistant polypropylene
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