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Why does we need to conserve nature?
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  • Nature is only the word which is responsible for the creation of this world %26amp; mankind . Nature has given us everything which is needed for the survival of the living beings on this earth . But are taking good care of nature ? According to me %26quot;NO%26quot; . It is our moral duty to preserve this nature . Not only moral duty but also national duty to protect it . Many acts , assignments %26amp; projects have been passed but it seems that no one is bothered about it.

    People used to cut down trees for building various items from wood . There are also not certain arrangements
    made for controlling forest fires and due to these the percentage of forests are decreasing . This all factors leads to global warming and acid rains . According to earlier views of scientists life will be impossible on this planet . Due to global warming the ice of different regions are started melting
    and are turning into rivers .

    Because of this the holes are created in ozone layer due to which the UV (ultra-violet) rays are introduced which can cause great destruction and also causes skin diseases and many other .

    So , to prevent this people should grow more trees and should not cut it off unnecessarily . Awareness and various camps should be established regarding this serious
    problem .

  • If we don%26#039;t conserve nature now and without any further delay , we will be inviting our Doom. %26quot;conservation + nature%26quot;----just google %26quot;search%26quot; after typing those two words , you will know a lot about nature and the damage we have already done .....also, how to preserve whatever we are left with and for what .
  • do you read newsppaper?, then you mst have known that
    PRICES OF ALL GOODS ARE INCREASING itz because of scarcity of natural resources if this procedes we cant have water. we will soon die out hence itz essential to conserve nature
  • we need to conserve it because

    It gives us what we need that is vital in our life and most of all to save the future of human generations that will using it
  • Nature is everything If there is no nature there is nothing. All the living things depend on nature for food,house as well as a breath.
  • Because we cant live without nature
  • because it conserves you
  • for us and others to servive. opinion
  • because it is my hobbies
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