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Write a 1,750 to 2,100 word paper that formulate a mitigation plan for Energy Conservation.?

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Energy-related CO2 emission projections of China up to 2030 are given. CO2 mitigation potential and technology options in main fields of energy conservation and energy substitution are analyzed. CO2 reduction costs of main mitigation technologies are estimated and the multi-criteria approach is used for assessment of priority technologies.

A procedure for assessing the economic viability of an energy conservation project integrated with building installation has been investigated in previous works. In the present work, a method is developed for economic evaluation of energy conservation projects, which may initiate independence of building construction. A model for optimization of the initiation time has been developed, and the conditions to determine economic feasibility are derived. It was found that the break-even value of the annual energy saved for $1 investment may significantly increase with even a moderate decrease in the expected real investment cost. This break-even value is always greater than the corresponding one found in the building integrated case. The difference increased with an increase in expected fuel inflation rate and also with a decrease in expected investment cost.
The Indian textile industrial sector is one of the oldest industrial sectors in the country, which is also energy intensive. It is currently undergoing several studies to reduce its energy consumption and hence energy conservation (EC) in this context offers an excellent opportunity. This paper, at the beginning, addresses the experiences of the authors with a textile industry, which has already carried out some fruitful EC measures. Then it highlights the EC potential availability and suggests some practicable environmental friendly EC policies suitable for the Indian context to achieve the estimated potential, and finally it highlights the Government%26#039;s role in the EC endeavour.

The results of this study show (1) Given population expansion and high GDP growth, energy-related CO2 emissions will increase in China. (2) There exists a large energy conservation potential in China. (3) Adjustment of industry structure and increase of shares of products with high added value have and will play a very important role in reducing energy intensity of GDP. (4) Energy conservation and substitution of coal by natural gas, nuclear power, hydropower and renewable energy will be the key technological measures in a long-term strategy to reduce GHG emission. (5) Identification and implementation of GHG mitigation technologies is consistent with China%26#039;s targets of sustainable development and environmental protection. (6) Energy efficiency improvement is a “no-regret” option for CO2 reduction, whereas an incremental cost is needed to develop hydropower and renewable energy.

This paper presents insights into the energy problem in Jordan and specifically into the energy conservation status in the industrial sector in Jordan. The results of a recent survey of the energy consumption of the industrial sector were used to draw deductions about the energy conservation situation. The country of Jordan imports oil from its neighboring countries to cover about 94% of its total energy demand. In the year 2000, the annual share of the industrial sector of the final energy consumption of the country is around 23%. Energy conservation in the industrial sector is a crucial area for energy saving. Many representatives of industrial firms are reluctant to participate in energy conservation projects because they think that the investment in energy-saving equipment may result in higher prices for their products, which may lead to reducing their competitiveness in the local market. Some managers are resistant to change because they do not know how to implement an energy conservation project. This research proposes a methodology for the effective implementation of energy conservation projects for Jordanian industries. The proposed methodology is useful for other countries me for best answer 67% 2 Votes

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