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Any name ideas for an animal rights/eco-friendly(green) club? I really need help on a name for a club a want 2 start at my school.

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Students of Mother Earth (SOME)
Students for Environmental Awareness (SEA)
Plants and Animals Club (PAC)
Omnia Club (latin word for all - meaning all life club)

These are just a few suggestions. What is the name of your school mascot? Maybe we could incorporate that.
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I really like Students for Evironmental Awareness! I love it!

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  • Conservationists Understanding Nature Together (C.U.N.T.)
  • Ten points to Wings Fan!

    Greenie-meanies? I got nothing. You really don%26#039;t need a stupid name to be an environmentally conscience group.
  • Green Veggie Homosapiens for All Animals
  • Give a Hoot Don%26#039;t Pollute
  • Pusillanimous Panthers would be a good name.
  • Environmental Block/E-Block
    Actually I have no idea...
  • Environment Advocates for Peace
    This could mean all you want it to. Peace for animals, for the environment, and for all life. :)
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