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Can I flush cat poop in the toilet? On your child%26#039;s plastic diapers you are instructed to empty the poop out into the toilet before sending the diaper to the landfill. That makes sense. The landfill is not a good place for fecal matter and the diseases that it may carry. However, on my cat litter I get admonished exactly the opposite. Cat feces should be thrown in the trash, not flushed down the toilet. Why? I know that clay-based cat litter will quickly clog your plumbing. But what could be wrong with cat feces intermingling with the human kind? Why would the landfill be preferred? Are the instructions on my cat litter just wrong?

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Wow, I%26#039;m suprised there are so many %26quot;environmentaly friendly%26quot; people here, and not a single one of them got the correct answer.

WHERE does you toilet waste go when you flush it?

If you live near the water, then NO you should not flush the poop, ESPECIALLY if you are on a city sewer system.

Cat poop carries diseases. Diseases that are trasmited to wildlife.

Cat poop is one of the signifigant reasons there has been a decline in the sea otter population around California. All that flushed cat poop is giving the sea otters diseases to which they have zero immunity.

Unless you know exactly where your sewage goes, then don%26#039;t flush it! If it goes into your spectic system (not a city one) and you do NOT live near water, then it is safe to do so. Otherwise, it%26#039;s much better if you don%26#039;t do it.

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But I have a follow up question. Yes, I%26#039;ve heard that toxoplasmosis has infected marine mammals and otters, and that it presumably is coming from cat feces. But isn%26#039;t sewage treated before it flows into the ocean? (I live 50 feet from San Diego Harbor, and treated sewage does go to the ocean.)

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  • says not to flush it bc it will mess up your plumbing...nothing to do with the crap itself..some litter you can flush and it will say it right on the box...why dont you try and flush it and see if the directions put on there by the company for you to compy with are wrong...just dont try and sue them when it messes your stuff up
  • poop is poop, you can flush it in the toilet.
    just not elephant poop! thats gotta be 10 lbs per square foot!
  • sure
  • yes YOU can
  • Yes, it is pretty much the same as your own. Same for dogie doo.

    Litter is a different matter. it will collect in the sewers and does not bio degrade the way poo does.

    Sand used as litter can be flushed with water and reused any number of times. one still does not want sand going into the sewers.

    One then uses the scoop to remove the poo, piles the sand outdoors On a raised area, and flood it with water, then let it completely drain. Cats do not need to have their sand dried completely, but they like it well drained, even like to have it exposed to the sun for a while between uses.
  • I wouldn%26#039;t
    it is a waste of water
  • Cat feces itself will do nothing to your plumming. It is smaller than yours. The cat litter is just trying to avoid any mishaps that may occur to your plumming (and may land them a law suit). It is ok to send cat feces in the trash. You do not want to send human waste to a landfill because of possible diseases, most workers at a landfill and your local waste management company are not prepared to handle biological waste.
  • I said yes
  • Interesting question! I know people that flush all sorts down their toilet particularly %26#039;cos they live in apartments. Be interesting to see what the responses are regarding that clay-based litter and poop. As for emptying baby poop off diapers, that%26#039;s really just for the fly and smell factor...but disposable diapers are a shocking invention as they just don%26#039;t biodegrade at landfills. They should be collected by sanitation unit operators who have chemicals in their sanitation units that dissolve the diapers and sanitary napkins - not sent to landfills. If you%26#039;ve got any flower gardens..why not bury the poop in there?
  • Best I can suggest is using a cat litter made from sawdust - there%26#039;s one on the market that%26#039;s popular but can%26#039;t remember the name. Use a litter that won%26#039;t clog your plumbing and you can flush your cat%26#039;s waste. Other than that, it%26#039;s because of the litter that clings to the cat%26#039;s waste, not the waste itself, that%26#039;s harmful to your plumbing.
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