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Can unused paper napkins be recycled? When I get fast food I end up with a pile of napkins. And I%26#039;ve been saving them. Can I recycle them in some way? I%26#039;d keep them on my bedside table but it%26#039;s kinda not pretty with the logos on them. Thanks!

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In my city we have %26quot;green bins%26quot; and every household has one and is basically forced to use them as we have a 1 garbage bag per week limit. Napkins and paper towels are allowed in the green bin. Although the green bin is not just compost, it includes, meat, bones, solid dairy etc (anything biodegradable).

Maybe your city has something similar?
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I live in the country so we don%26#039;t have bins like that. Thanks for your answer though.

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  • Almost any paper can be recycled but napkins can easily be composted. The best thing to do is to not take them in the first place. Personally I like to keep them in my glove compartment for when nature calls.
  • use them for toilet paper -- much better to USE something than just to recycle :-)
  • Of course, but why not use them instead first, then compost them.
  • dill weed would throw them in a recycle bin for paper this information is brought to you from the mind of dill weed
  • line them up in ur compost, tha%26#039;t what i do :)
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