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Help with a catchy title, please? Hi. We are going to start e-mails to all everyday with an eco-friendly tip for people to use to go green! These are going to be small steps that everyone can do to make a difference. We are trying to think of a catchy title. Any ideas?

Some of my ideas include:
Go Green Tip of the Day
Go Green Tip
Today%26#039;s Go Green Tip
Daily Go Green Tip
Small Steps Toward Sustainability
Today%26#039;s Small Step Toward Sustainability


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Clear, concise, and catchy. Thanks!

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  • green is to being eco-friendly
  • green T
  • Keen on Green
  • soyalent green, heard of it? can%26#039;t remember if spelled right.
  • How to turn green,
    Becomming green
    Greening it up
    It%26#039;s easy to be green
  • i think u sould use the go green tip of the day
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