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How much electricity is used when leaving the tv on all day? I know I will get yelled at for this one...

I leave my TV on all day for my dog. Yes, dog. I find she tears less up when it%26#039;s on. No, I don%26#039;t crate her, she barks like crazy and I get complaints. Anyway...

My electric bill is very high. Like I said, I leave the tv on pretty much all day. I also leave the computer on all day mostly because I forget to turn it off. So, how much electricity is that using? If I start to turn both things off during the day will I see a significant change in my bill? I have replaced my bulbs with the new kind and started to be more conscious about other things. Anyone have further tips? I could really use your help and not criticism. I know I%26#039;ve been bad...

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The computer will draw more power than the TV. You will have to look at each item to find out how much electricity is used.

Electricity is billed in kilowatt hours kwh, or 1000 watts consumed per hour. If your TV consumes 100 watts, it uses .1kwh I get billed $0.0291 per kWh so my monthly cost would be: .1 * .0291 * 8 *30 roughly about $.72/month. Computers use 3-6x the amount of electricity.

If use A/C, that will use far more, and could cost you up to $200 each month. Turn the thermostat up, use fans and have the A/C system checked for maximum performance.

Be sure that the power company is using actual readings, and not estimated ones. I had an estimated reading and my bill was almost $1000, my usual bill is about $30 and the power was off because of a storm for about 1/2 of the time.
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  • That%26#039;s a good start! CFL lightbulbs lower your electricity bill by quite a bit, and they also last a lot longer so you won%26#039;t keep spending money on lightbulbs!

    Also, being more conscience about your electricity usage is good.

    What I would suggest is to keep everything unplugged if you%26#039;re not using it (like cell phone chargers and lamps). You could plug everything into a power strip so it%26#039;s easy to keep everything unplugged. Always remember to turn off your computer (That%26#039;s also good for your computer!)

    Perhaps you could find something else for your dog. Maybe keep the radio on or find a moving picture like the ones they use for infants. Or you could possibly protect your things with some wood (so your dog could still scratch at it). The TV being on all day is definitely a HUGE HUGE HUGE source of your energy bill.

    Little things like using voicemail instead of answering machines, not using the air conditioner or heater when not necessary, leave all the lights off all the time unless you are in the room. Switch to low watt lamps instead of bright lights in rooms. Don%26#039;t use nightlights unless you really need them. Also try getting a small T.V. for your dog, that might use less energy (But I%26#039;m not totally sure).

    Good luck!
  • I put my tv%26#039;s, vcr%26#039;s and game console on a power strip with a switch. I only use my tv a few hours a day. I also started unplugging chargers and laptops when not in use. I unplug most appliances when not in use.

    I%26#039;ve seen a $70 drop for May and June compared to the same months last year. I can only imagine how much less it would be if the TV%26#039;s had been previously left on.

    In all fairness, I also hang my clothes out which I didn%26#039;t do last year, but I didn%26#039;t notice much drop from Mar or Apr, maybe $15 so most of the savings was the standby electricity.
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