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Is stainless steel kitchen sink recyclable? I hate to toss it to the dump. Do you know if I could give this to a recycling firms?

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2 months ago

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this is hard to decide an answer here. so help me out. 27% 8 Votes

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  • of course its recyclable
    its metal. I%26#039;m sure any good recycling firm would grab it off your hands in a snap.
    i hope this helps =) 17% 5 Votes
  • Stainless steel is expensive stuff. You should get some money when you give it to the recyclers. 20% 6 Votes
  • Set it outside your home some scrapper will grab it. 7% 2 Votes
  • of course it is recyclable 17% 5 Votes
  • Put it on Craigslist. 10% 3 Votes
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