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Is there any where in the world i can retire on $500.00 a month?

Seriously though, if you like the creature comforts that you have now, it%26#039;s doubtful in the US. Unless you really want to put a lot of your own labor into growing/harvesting your own food, building your own house off of the land (sod, hand sawn lumber), and heating your house some how.... Not to mention transportation if you don%26#039;t have everything you need nearby...
  • Yes.
    But the real question is: can you retire WELL on $500/mth?
  • China.

    There are many places in the world you can live well on 500 dollars per month, if you are willing to give up most of the conveniences of North American living. Most people don%26#039;t live like us.
  • Costa Rica!
  • Probably Mexico. Don%26#039;t expect the same level of service and comfort you could get for 10 times that in the U.S. though.

    Actually you could do it in the U.S. too, by living on the street. So you need to specify all kinds of other details for a realistic answer, like what kind of house you would live in and what kind of food you would eat and what kind of medical care you would want and so on. If you don%26#039;t need much, living can be really cheap.
  • yes, Anywhere in Africa. From what I have been told $100 is like $1,000,000 to them.
  • Burma. a dollar can feed people there for like a month. only problem is there%26#039;s no electricity, no running water, and people live in little mud huts.
  • i think from reading all the other replies - pretty much if you want to live in the USA you%26#039;ll never make it on $500.00 per month. I know people who spend close to that just on their medications and it costs YOU over $2,000. per year for Medicare. Mmmmm something to really think about.
  • Japan.
  • The Philippines maybe?
  • Sure, lot%26#039;s of places, but they all have crappy health care. So as long as you%26#039;re healthy, go for the Third World lifestyle!
  • Nicaragua. And, you could have a maid!
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