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Slogans to motivate people to avoid use of plastics???? plzzzzzzzzzz can u suggest some slogans......

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%26quot;It may seem drastic
But don`t use plastic%26quot; inspiration 100% 1 Vote

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  • I don%26#039;t have a slogan for you, because I think eliminating plastic all together is counter productive. I think reducing our use of plastic is a good thing, but there are many good technologies that have come about from the use of plastic where nothing else can compare. 0% 0 Votes
  • Sorry, but that%26#039;s our staple employment right now. Plastic medical and household use will always be around. Don%26#039;t put my husband out of a job cuz you want copper tubing on your water pipes! 0% 0 Votes
  • what the heck else is there to use buddy get a grip playa 0% 0 Votes
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