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Unwanted cosmetic products/toiletries? Does anyone know of anywhere that you can donate unused toiletries such as soap, bubble bath, shampoo etc (in the UK)? I am clearing out before a move and have loads of this sort of thing that has been given as birthday or christmas presents. Is there anywhere I can donate this stuff so it isn%26#039;t wasted? I have given some stuff away for charity raffles etc but I can%26#039;t do this with smaller items.

Sensible suggestions please. Thanks for your help :)

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I had a flyer for one of those clothing collection things that also accept toiletries, if you have one of those coming to collect before you move, you could try that.

There%26#039;s always charity shops and shelters that would be glad of them, or just give them to friends and family.
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  • A friend of mine had the same thing.

    She held a toiletries sale at her house.

    Lots of friends got together and had a lovely evening with a glass of wine or two and bought her unwanted, unused tioletries.

    She then donated the money to a charity of her choice.
  • If they are unused then a charity shop, or your mates. Ive just come back from my sisters with make up remover and bubble bath.
  • senior citizen community near you would love it.
    garage sale out side.
    give to little girls to play with.
    sell to neighbors/friends.
  • Get a basket and put a few smaller items in it. It will make a nice little hamper for people%26#039;s birthday presents. =]

  • Donate it to a homeless shelter, half way house or home for battered women.
  • Donate it to a homeless shelter.
  • sell it on ebay - especially if it brand stuff, they go mad for it
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