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What are the negative effects of %26quot;going green%26quot;? going green is not ALWAYS best.
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Possible alien abduction by near-sighted, travel weary aliens. 43% 3 Votes

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  • If you don%26#039;t watch it, you turn into a kooky, smelly, hairy hippy, other than that its okay. 0% 0 Votes
  • 1. It can be more costly
    2. Some companies are claiming to be %26quot;green%26quot; to sell more product and for good PR
    3. The government will likely get involved and corrupt this natural way of living 0% 0 Votes
  • Not one thing. All it can do is make earth a better place for everyone.

    Green might not be easy but the best things in life don%26#039;t come easy. 0% 0 Votes
  • Going green has zero negative effects. Some people say it%26#039;s an expensive way of life, but it doesn%26#039;t have to be. It all depends on how green you are willing to go. You don%26#039;t need to live in a million dollar house made from straw bales with solar panels on the roof, wind turbines in the backyard, and furniture made from organic hemp and wood (my dream home, lol) in order to live a green life. There are lots of things you can do that are good for the environment and your wallet too. 0% 0 Votes
  • Sometimes it can be more expensive (especially the initial cost...although many times the long term savings outweigh the initial cost).

    Other times it can be more of an inconvinience. 29% 2 Votes
  • those who do it preaching to those who dont and do not want to do it,hear about it. 0% 0 Votes
  • It is hard to find the right type of fuel. Trying to get everything insured is a problem because it was modified from manufacturer. It is like you have to register it like you made it from a kit. (truck) Using sun power or wind power you still need batteries, those are pretty toxic on their own. The smell of kerosene is hard to get out of your clothes if you use it in lights.
    Just think about what you want to do and who you will be around. Every person should do at least one thing green!
    Good luck, keep with it! 14% 1 Vote
  • Part of the problem comes from the lack of support from big business and government . It%26#039;s hard to recycle when most towns are barely able to sort trash and therefore don%26#039;t bother with seperate bins for consumers. Another problem is the difficulty of some one mass producing something %26quot;green%26quot; and not polluting something in return. Wher do you start and stop? a lifetime of trying to be as green as possible in Amerika! 0% 0 Votes
  • The economic impacts are sometimes difficult to cope with, and it%26#039;s not always convenient.
    But it makes a difference!!!
    The negative effects are by far canceled out by the huge benefits for our world. I would encourage anyone to live a healthier, greener lifestyle! 0% 0 Votes
  • It%26#039;s a bit expensive and I don%26#039;t think it should be considering we are doing something good for all of us! 0% 0 Votes
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