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Which is better - frozen or bottled juice? I figure frozen is in a smaller container, so I%26#039;m not paying to transport a heavier package across country, and it uses less resources for packaging....
but it uses more energy to keep it cold....
Bottled juice takes more energy to transport, requires more plastic to package, and even though I recycle it, it leeches plastic crap into my body and the enviorment (when it is produced)

So which is better in your opinion?

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Juice concentrate in cardboard (%26quot;tetrapak%26quot;) containers is the best option, since it doesn%26#039;t take much space during shipment (when compared to %26quot;ready to drink%26quot; juice) and it doesn%26#039;t need freezing, when it packed in tetrapak.

Usually they come in 0,2l (0,4 pint) small carboard containers and require 4 parts of water to get 1 liter (or 2 pints) or juice.

You can even find organic juice concentrates packed like that, it%26#039;s the best for the environment.

Find yourself 1 liter (2 pint) plastic bottle which you would carry with you and use to make juice (empty the content of tetrapak container into it, fill with tap water, shake!). Wash it, when it gets empty, then re-use again (don%26#039;t recycle a bottle every time, keep the same one).

Please find some time to report what did you chose to do in the end and how does it work for you.
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I have seen these paks here and there - but they are not very common at all on our side of the ocean - and golly, they are really expensive (6-7 bucks for organic grape vs 2.50 for organic grape frozen)

So for the time being, I%26#039;m gonna stick with frozen - since I can recycle the package.

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  • bottled, why because its handy.
  • I think bottled juice because it is so much easier to travel with, yea it is heavy, but it is easier to maintain. It doesn%26#039;t have to be kept at a certain temperature. And for the plastic thing well you have to keep the frozen juices in some container and my guess it will probably be plastic.
  • Frozen concentrate wrapped in a cardboard (not plastic) tube has a pretty good feel about it--all things considered.
  • in my opinion fresh squeezed juice would be the best option
  • bottled
  • frozen of course, it is cool than the bottled one.
  • If you care about the environment you shouldn%26#039;t buy anything in a plastic bottle. It is the most inefficient thing to try and recycle. Overall, glass is best. It can be recycled forever. Aluminum can be recycled quite well, but every time they have to add a little bit of aluminum ore to come up with the amount they had originally. Frozen juice containers are bad because they are made of so many different things that (no matter what the label says) it can%26#039;t be recycled. But if your wondering about getting the product to your door in the most environmentally friendly way, I would say frozen juice is best. Whatever you do don%26#039;t buy plastic anything if it can be avoided. It%26#039;s made from oil for those of you who didn%26#039;t know. Like we need to be using any more of that stuff.
  • frozen, less expensive
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