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Why is %26quot;going green%26quot; so popular? I%26#039;ve noticed it everywhere. I can%26#039;t even turn on the radio without being bombarded by %26quot;green%26quot; advertisements. It%26#039;s even playing a role in the primaries (elections).

I just don%26#039;t understand what%26#039;s so great about it I guess. I know it%26#039;s supposed to %26quot;save the environment%26quot; but I think it%26#039;s just a way for politiciians and appliance companies to make their wallets a little greener. It%26#039;s being made popular by people in LA and NY, but where I live there are plenty of trees, bugs and animals doing just fine...

Energy Star appliances have ALWAYS been around-- for years. But now that everyone is supposed to %26quot;go green%26quot;, they%26#039;ve jacked up the prices.

My husband has only been out of college for a year and I%26#039;m not even done yet. We don%26#039;t have money to %26quot;go green%26quot; and people act like we%26#039;re so awful for not doing it. Heck, why don%26#039;t we just move out of our apartment and live in a burlap tent out in the woods? We can eat grass and brush our teeth with sticks-- after all, that%26#039;s the green thing to do

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4 months ago

Yeah.... I was in Walmart the other day and they had banners hanging from the ceiling that said %26quot;Celebrate Earth Month%26quot;. WTH is %26quot;earth month%26quot;?! Geez

4 months ago

I%26#039;m a Christian and I firmly believe that God is not going to allow the %26quot;human race%26quot; to be %26quot;shaken off the face of the earth like fleas%26quot;. Al Gore is a politician-- not a scientist.

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%26quot;green%26quot; things are expensive at first, but in the long run they really save you a lot of money.

the point of going green is to just be more resourceful...I%26#039;m in the dorms and I can%26#039;t really control what%26#039;s green here or not....
Small things like: shorter showers, turning off the water while brushing your teeth and turning it on when you rinse, turning off your computer or putting it on Hibernation when you don%26#039;t use it and turning off the light when you don%26#039;t need it.....that all is something small and %26quot;Green%26quot; to do and it%26#039;ll save you money.
Recycling and making sure you don%26#039;t use Styrofoam are other things you can do too. You don%26#039;t have to live in a squirrel hole to be a true %26quot;green%26quot; person.

If you don%26#039;t have the money, and people are on your a$$ about it, just tell them to donate to your %26quot;i can%26#039;t go green%26quot; fund, and see if they%26#039;ll help you be green so they can be happy. otherwise, they can%26#039;t talk. I use that one alot. 75% 3 Votes

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  • It%26#039;s popular because advertisers have discovered that it%26#039;s a great way to convince people to pay a premium price for an inferior product- think %26quot;organic%26quot; food that costs twice as much, rots in half the time and is twice as likely to be contaminated with bacteria. The %26quot;green%26quot; marketers prey on ignorance and superstition and as P.T. Barnum said, there%26#039;s one born every minute. 0% 0 Votes
  • Apart from the obvious benefits to our children and future generations, the ethical and moral considerations, the fact that there is a market for green tech and the fact that people have figured out they can actually save money....

    I dunno. Must be some neo-liberal, radical environmentalist takeover or something. You should be dead set against it no matter what. It%26#039;s way more cool to be rebellious against %26quot;the system.%26quot; 0% 0 Votes
  • well saturday was earth day. so you are hearing more about it lately
    so it%26#039;s all a gimic of people pretending to care to make $$$.

    for the record, the environment in general is completely messed up. just because things are living doesnt mean its fine. Nearly all groundwater is polluted with something humans put on the earth, fertilizers, pesticides, chemicals from industry, etc. 0% 0 Votes
  • A couple of things:

    1. Watch the program Life After People. You will realize that the Earth will shake us off like a bad case of fleas.

    2. All the %26#039;Green%26#039; products people are purchasing; remember where they are made? China, Mexico, India. Hmm...I don%26#039;t recall any of these countries using %26#039;Green%26#039; methods to mass produce cleaning chemicals and canvas grocery sacks.

    One may feel %26#039;good%26#039; about using biodegradable products but one must remember that the process of making them is hardly Earth friendly. 25% 1 Vote
  • it sells new more profitable products %26amp; makes people feel good by convincing them they are doing something rightous without inconveniencing themselves, by paying 15% to 40% more for the green products. or as in the case of light bulbs up to 300% more.
    its a triumph of advertising %26amp; consumer control for industry. 0% 0 Votes
  • u might hv heard the go green slogan 4 the earth day recently..... it is just to make u aware that the number of trees is depleting day by day... which is causing green house effect in our earth%26#039;s atmosphere...which wud ultimately lead to the vanishing of the human race...... so to encourage the people to grow more and more trees... the slogan has been raised %26quot;GO GREEN%26quot; I.............Me.................Myself
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