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Why should we clean upp the earth and do better stuff? why should we help clean our earth and do good stuff for it give me a good reason why and i will vote you as the best answer most convicing wins

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2 months ago

please give me reasons why and if you want to what will happen if we dont have a cleam enviroment
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    • We should all do our part to clean up the Earth because it is in dire need. The ozone layer protects us from harmful UV rays from the sun. Six percent or more of the ozone layer is missing which means that there is an increase in the risk of skin cancer. Global warming is this issue. The way to increase ozone is to plant trees, which decreases the level of CO2 in the ozone layer and it cancels it out. The amount of waste on Earth is at a critical level. We are running out of resources. The cars also release emissions that deplete the ozone layer. If we recycle and decrease how much carbon dioxide we release, the ozone layer can slowly but surely be repaired.
    • Ultimately, the earth doesn%26#039;t at all care what we do to it. Assuming you believe, like most people, that evolution explains the variety of life on the planet, there%26#039;s not much we as humans can do to extinguish it. We as a species (or at least our furry ancestors) emerged out of one of the largest extinctions in history some 65 million years ago. Life adapts. Cockroaches will endure, and if we managed to kill off our species, maybe there%26#039;s a bright future for cockroach people down the road.

      Anyway, I say all that to say this: your concern about the environment should be directly related to your concern for our species and the welfare of humans around the globe. Climate change stands to turn much of Northern Africa into an extension of the Sahara. And, on the opposite end of the spectrum, rising sea levels threaten to displaces millions if not billions, of people around the world.

      I%26#039;m going to go ahead and assume that you live in an industrialized country somewhere in the west, so the prospect of rising seas and growing deserts probably doesn%26#039;t phase you, but think of everyone else less fortunate than you -- many of whom make their living in regions that will no longer be habitable. When they%26#039;re forced to move, it%26#039;s unlikely their governments will be able to provide for them, meaning millions of already impoverished people could die.

      That%26#039;s an ugly scenario, of course, and probably one that%26#039;s a little on the drastic side, but if you have any compassion at all for the suffering of people around the world, it just makes sense that caring for the environment means caring for them in the end. No one chooses to be born in Mali any more than she chooses to pop out in America. One of them, however, has the opportunity to save the other.

      Oh, and the woods and bears and wildlife and such are cool too.
    • well...
      poluting will cut down our ozone
      making things hotter
      killing polar bears
      just picture
      their little faces...drowning in the ocean...
      eventually, when all the ice caps melt, california and other border states will become flooded
      and the whole sun crashing into the earth is said not to happen for like another million years
      if your not planning to live that long, don%26#039;t worry about it
      but i would watch what you throw away
      try to recycle
      and walk instead of drive
      having clean air would be nice too, wouldn%26#039;t it?
    • why should you even ask a question like that? there are many reasons why we should help clean our earth. We should because this is the gift we have to pass down to many generations to come. The earth has become so polluted from exhaust from cars to carelessly dumping dangerous chemicals into waterways. We might as well start now before it is too late.
    • 1. if you are a citizen of the us understand that our nation consumes over 30% of the world%26#039;s resources and only makes up a 5th of the world%26#039;s population - in other words we are consuming too fast and there is an unequal distribution of resources
      2. your health is a reason why you should care about the environment - ex: toxic chemicals cause cancer and hurt our environment
      3. one word - petroleum - it is in our nation%26#039;s best interest to look for alternative fuels as oil is so expencive
      4. do you really want your children or grandchildren to look at a book see a picture of a polar bear and not know what it is?
      5. because lets face it we will all die and the earth will always remain - do you want to leave it dirty for future generations?
      6. because green is NOT the new black in any way and this new %26quot;go green%26quot; movement is fantastic but even after it dies down you must call yourself an environmentalist for your health and happiness and for the lives of future humans and ecosystems
    • umm because if we don%26#039;t global warming is just ganna get worst and if global warming takes over the planet will die because global warming is when the heat temperature of the planet gets higher (in other words the temperature starts changing) and if global warming gets worst just I%26#039;magine the cute little adorable polar bears dieing because people pollution kills the polar bears foods and they have nothing to eat and the worst part is that polar bears are in the rout of extinction and they live in very small lumps of ice. and plus you live in this planet so you don%26#039;t want to destroy it. global warming doesn%26#039;t just put animals life on the rout to extinction but puts our life in danger to. im a tree huger i no but if global warming takes over there will not be anymore trees left to hug. there for its very important to take care of our planet. thanks comen cence
    • Ever since third grade I%26#039;ve been told to help the enviroment. Do you realize what that will do for the earth and future generations. It will keep our earth togheter. More people would live! Just imagine how you%26#039;d feel if the people from the past didn%26#039;t help the enviroment, we might%26#039;ve been dead right now. So try to help the earth, in any way you can, at all.
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